RubyKaigi 2017 at Hiroshima




Keynote of nobu
API Development in 2017
How Close is Ruby 3×3 For Production Web Apps?
Gemification for Ruby 2.5/3.0
Hanami – New Ruby Web Framework
Development of Data Science Ecosystem for Ruby
Ruby Committers vs the World
Keynote by Matz
An introduction and future of Ruby coverage library
The Curious Case of Wikipedia Parsing
Automated Type Contracts Generation for Ruby
Food, Wine and Machine Learning: Teaching a Bot to Taste
Write once, run on every boards: portable mruby
Lightning Talks
Tamashii – Create Rails IoT applications more easily
Irb 20th anniversary memorial session: Reish and Irb2
Pattern Matching in Ruby
Ruby in office time reboot
Ruby Extension Library Verified using Coq Proof-assistant
How to write synchronization mechanisms for Fiber